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Clubtail Iguana -  - Waco
Clubtail Iguana - - Waco
$45 | USA, Texas, Waco, | Posted on Jun 16, 2018
I have a clubtail iguana that I need to rehome Don't spend enough time with it *** Asking $45 or best offer Will trade for green iguana.]]>...
Iguana -  - Bakersfield
Iguana - - Bakersfield
Price: contact | USA, California, Bakersfield, | Posted on Jun 13, 2018
Baby iguana good temper, needs to be tamed a little more doesn't bite, good to start of with if your new with reptiles]]>...
Blue Axanthic Iguana -  - Scranton / wilkes-barre
Blue Axanthic Iguana - - Scranton / wilkes-barre
Price: contact | USA, Pennsylvania, Scranton / wilkes-barre, | Posted on Jun 08, 2018
I'm looking to rehome my blue axanthic iguana She is about 2 feet (3 ish ft including tail) She is a little skittish but eats extremely well and is very healthy I am sad to have to rehome her but my current place isn't a good place for her and I h ...]]>...
Female rock iguana -  - Orange county
Female rock iguana - - Orange county
Price: contact | USA, California, Orange county, | Posted on Jun 08, 2018
Cyclura lewisi hybrids 2017 Healthy, no missing toes or nipped tail Lots of blue on her]]>...
Desert Iguana -  - Los angeles
Desert Iguana - - Los angeles
Price: contact | USA, California, Los angeles, | Posted on Jun 06, 2018
Have a desert iguana for sale or trade Person I got it from didn't know age or sex.]]>...
Juvenile Green Iguana -  - Boston
Juvenile Green Iguana - - Boston
Price: contact | USA, Massachusetts, Boston, | Posted on May 19, 2018
Charlie is a beautiful Iguana, looking for his forever home! I've had Charlie since July 2017, he's An amazing iguana, much calmer than most He's not completely tame, but he's ok with handling We've moved to a smaller apartment so he went from be ...]]>...
Black Iguana -  - Chicago
Black Iguana - - Chicago
$69 | USA, Illinois, Chicago, | Posted on May 06, 2018
Gøt this NiGuâna when it was a YoünG grïlł Tamê but Šcreamś a lòt, trainêd to üse Tœilet Toö big for my 5 galløn It will ńeed a 10 søon Sometimês will bitê Just sây Nïbba and īt will rùn Rehøming feé of $69 Livës o
Iguana -  - Raleigh / durham / CH
Iguana - - Raleigh / durham / CH
Price: contact | USA, North Carolina, Raleigh / durham / CH, | Posted on May 02, 2018
Iguana son has lost interest while set up 400 obo]]>...
Rhinoceros iguana -  - Austin
Rhinoceros iguana - - Austin
Price: contact | USA, Texas, Austin, | Posted on Apr 25, 2018
Rhinoceros iguana for rehoming About 3 years old now believe to be male Was tame as a baby but going through puberty stage now so not tame Serious inquires ONLY must have large enough enclosure to own a full grown iguana Tatum tx Rehoming fee appl ...]]>...
Iguana -  - Jacksonville
Iguana - - Jacksonville
Price: contact | USA, Florida, Jacksonville, | Posted on Apr 23, 2018
I have a false red iguana I am looking to rehome He is so sweet has never shown any aggression at all He is about 2 & 1/2 feet long almost 3 years old Not sure if it's male or female Comes with heat lamp some food & calsium You will need ...]]>...
2 year old iguana -  - Portland
2 year old iguana - - Portland
Price: contact | USA, Oregon, Portland, | Posted on Apr 16, 2018
She is not caged comes with light and tree/wood if you like, she is not tame she needs someone who will be willing to work with her btw original owner did not take time to work with her at all but due to having a newborn our time is not on her like I ...]]>...
REPOST   Baby Axanthic Blue Iguana -  - Philadelphia
REPOST Baby Axanthic Blue Iguana - - Philadelphia
$100 | USA, Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, | Posted on Apr 13, 2018
Baby Blue Axanthic Iguana!! Very Cool Looking!! Skittish at first but will warm up to you!! He's about 18inches long He is a very uncommon morph and is in need of a home Email me questions! Rehoming Fee: $100]]>...
Blue/Green Iguana -  - Minneapolis / st paul
Blue/Green Iguana - - Minneapolis / st paul
Price: contact | USA, Minnesota, Minneapolis / st paul, | Posted on Apr 03, 2018
Looking to rehome my special needs blue/green iguana Contact for rehoming fee details (she doesn't come with anything though so I'll require pictures of your setup) Ava was neglected in a previous home, and as a result is missing most of her spike ...]]>...
Green iguana -  - Milwaukee
Green iguana - - Milwaukee
Price: contact | USA, Wisconsin, Milwaukee, | Posted on Mar 28, 2018
Rehoming baby green iguanas Unknown sex 12in heatlhy green iguanas . Have 4 at the moment Rehoming fee 30$ each. thanks no scams etc...]]>...
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Green Iguana -  - Greenville / upstate
Green Iguana - - Greenville / upstate
Price: contact | USA, South Carolina, Greenville / upstate, | Posted on Feb 27, 2018
Nikko is a juvenile male Rehoming due to having to travel for work (didnt habe to before) Nikko comes with all that he needs ( all you would have to get is the fresh fruits and spring mix) if found a new home I will give any fresh food (if any left) ...]]>...
Green iguana -  - Raleigh / durham / CH
Green iguana - - Raleigh / durham / CH
Price: contact | USA, North Carolina, Raleigh / durham / CH, | Posted on Feb 27, 2018
I have a green/blue iguana mix about 5 year old female She had about 30 internalized eggs last summer and has increased in size dance then She was rescued from someone who didn't know how to take care of her about 2 years ago Asking a small rehom ...]]>...
Cyclura Hybrid Rock Iguana -  - San francisco bay area
Cyclura Hybrid Rock Iguana - - San francisco bay area
Price: contact | USA, California, San francisco bay area, | Posted on Feb 19, 2018
Cyclura Hybrid Rock Iguana Research Pricing Male 2.5 Years Old Rehoming fee Pick Up Only Emails Only Not Actual Picture Images available to interested only ]]>...
young red iguana -  - Fort smith
young red iguana - - Fort smith
Price: contact | USA, Arkansas, Fort smith, | Posted on Feb 15, 2018
If you have been wanting a cool lizard here is your chance It Is captive bred and has been In my care since It was a hatchling It's well past that tiny baby phase I have had it on zoo med juvi iguana pellets fresh greens daily with a mix of other f ...]]>...
Iguana -  - Phoenix
Iguana - - Phoenix
Price: contact | USA, Arizona, Phoenix, | Posted on Feb 10, 2018
Adult male iguana, 2-3 years old, not sure exactly He's about 2.5-3 ft long including tail He's a great show pet but we just don't have the space for him Had does have an old entertainment center that is open which is what we have used for his hom ...]]>...
Free iguana -  - Baltimore
Free iguana - - Baltimore
Price: contact | USA, Maryland, Baltimore, | Posted on Feb 09, 2018
Male iguana 7 months old he's free to a good Home... if you want habitat and heating equipment we can negotiate a price Thanks ]]>...
Red iguana -  - Greenville / upstate
Red iguana - - Greenville / upstate
$50 | USA, South Carolina, Greenville / upstate, | Posted on Feb 06, 2018
Young red iguana, believed to be male, to a good home $50 Text ***]]>...
Iguana -  - Springfield
Iguana - - Springfield
Price: contact | USA, Missouri, Springfield, | Posted on Feb 01, 2018
Juvenile suspect male iguana with setup Setup includes 6' X 4' wide X 3' deep, corner wooden enclosurewith mesh door Also includes a fogger, all decor you see, bathing dish(seen at bottom of cage), feeding bowl, two lights, and everything else you ...]]>...
Green Iguana -  - Wyoming
Green Iguana - - Wyoming
Price: contact | USA, Wyoming, Wyoming, | Posted on Jan 13, 2018
I'm downsizing on my reptiles and need to rehome one of my iguanas His name is Breakfast, he's about 3 feet in length (including tail), and he's very skittish He needs a home that knows how to properly take care of him and that's willing to put in ...]]>...
Iguana -  - San diego
Iguana - - San diego
$60 | USA, California, San diego, | Posted on Jan 11, 2018
3 year old female iguana pretty tame nice color shedding right now great eater rehoming fee of $60 please call me at *** $75 with heat lamp and fixture]]>...
Beautiful Large Iguana -  - Bakersfield
Beautiful Large Iguana - - Bakersfield
$150 | USA, California, Bakersfield, | Posted on Jan 09, 2018
Beautiful large Iguana for adoption $150 He is about 3ft long from head to tail No longer have the time to give him the care he requires.]]>...
Green Iguana -  - San antonio
Green Iguana - - San antonio
$120 | USA, Texas, San antonio, | Posted on Jan 06, 2018
I just got a Green Iguana but I don't have the time to take care of it Rehoming Fee $120 comes with everything in pic.]]>...
Green Iguana -  - Houston
Green Iguana - - Houston
$25 | USA, Texas, Houston, | Posted on Jan 02, 2018
Beautiful green iguana Feel free to call or text for any information $25 adoption fee]]>...
Blue Iguana -  - Wilmington
Blue Iguana - - Wilmington
$75 | USA, North Carolina, Wilmington, | Posted on Jan 01, 2018
Unsexed Blue Axanthic Iguana not sure of exact age atleast a few months old eating mixture of greens, fruits and veggies and of course on schedule with calcium Asking $75 firm, pick up is in Leland, you must have your own enclosure price is for Igu ...]]>...
Iguana -  - Milwaukee
Iguana - - Milwaukee
Price: contact | USA, Wisconsin, Milwaukee, | Posted on Dec 28, 2017
4foot iguana free must pick up ASAP ***]]>...
3 year old iguana -  - Asheville
3 year old iguana - - Asheville
Price: contact | USA, North Carolina, Asheville, | Posted on Dec 27, 2017
3 year old inguana She is not tame from previous owners but she will let you pet her and eat out of your hand once she warms up to you Must pick up]]>...
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